Call me crazy,

but I’m a very busy lady.

Can you relate?

Hi, My name is Jessica Newell, and I love being a creative person.

But it wasn't always this way. Let's take it back. All the way to 2002.

It was the summer after high school graduation, and I was all set to go off to college to study dance full-time. But a funny thing happened when it came time for my mom to write the tuition check.

I had what my Dr. called, “a break with reality.”

Instead of going away to school that autumn, just a year after 9/11, I ended up spending a week at "club med for the head" as the woman who greeted me at the hospital said.

A total burnout at 18.

Obviously, something needed to change.

The last 17 years since then have been an odyssey in recovery, rehabilitation, and resilience. I've picked up some great tools along the way and figured now would be a good time to share what I've learned.

Jessica Newell & Co is my sandbox for creating resources & experiences for other creative people who want to get better at:

  • Cutting through the “burnout syndrome” (B.S.).

  • Streamlining success that's sustainable.

  • Mastering the mental gymnastics that come with inventing new ideas & birthing new movements.

Right now what that looks like is producing the #MyFlowerHabit show on IGTV and preparing to launch the Leading Lady Experience in September 2020.

At the end of the day, we all know that work/life balance doesn't exist. And it shouldn't.

Life is meant to be dynamic. Work is supposed to move us forward.

It's never stagnant.

If you're ready for more in your life and business, then it's probably time to jump in and go for it.

Maybe you’d like to have me join you on your journey. First, there's a few things you should probably know...



My dad had a big vision for designing a dream house for our family. He and my extended relatives built a log home from scratch, and we moved in on my second birthday. My brother now calls it home. My sister lives 10 minutes away.


My mom is half Italian and makes lasagna every year for Christmas. She worked for nearly 40 years at IBM. She took after my grandpa who spent his career as a company man working for NY Bell Telephone Co. When he retired, he started investing in the stock market, and the rest is history. Neither of them completed a college degree.


My nickname growing up was "Messy Jessie." I was an Honors Student in the accelerated Math & Science programs and spent almost every evening in the dance studio teaching 4-year olds how to do ballet & taking class as a company member all throughout high school. I never made enough time to take care of my own space.


My family heritage is Catholic. I was raised in a Presbyterian church. I got baptized for a second time in college at a Southern Baptist church. Now I sleep in on Sunday mornings and do my best to treat everyone with kindness & respect. Notwithstanding myself. I’m a total believer.


I completed an Associate's Degree in Business Administration in 2004 after withdrawing from the Psychology program at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. I decided then that I didn’t want to spend my career sitting and listening to other people’s problems because I have enough issues of my own. (I’ve since reconsidered this line of thinking). In 2010 I dropped out of the interior design degree I was enrolled in while facing unemployment and my second round of Major Depression.


I spent at least 2 and a half years in my late 20's sitting on my couch in my pink bathrobe scouring the internet and dreaming of the day I would run my own business. One day I decided it was time to stop resisting a 'day job' and re-entered the workforce.


I've worked so many temp jobs I can't even keep track. I finally got my act together in 2014 and spent the next 4+ years serving as the Office Manager at a fancy pants hedge-fund in NYC. During this season, I engrossed myself in all things entrepreneurship during my free time and started working with a high-performance coach.

Those are just the facts.

Now, I’m a solopreneur ramping up my big vision and ready to share it with the world.

But you might be wondering just exactly who the "& Co." of Jessica Newell & Co. are.

No, I do not have a group of 100 employees working for me (yet). BUT...

Let's be clear — I'm not doing this alone. There is a whole team of people I've gleaned from who have made this venture possible.

Cue the name-dropping.

Okay, that's not necessary. Just know that I've invested a lot into personal & business development programs to provide the absolute best top-notch experience I could offer you. Trust me - I only learn from the best.

If you're ready for more, I'm putting together something special together that I think you might fall head-over-heels in love with.